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Key Terms

Submission Flows - Submission Flows are used to collect content from your speakers and submitters. These can be used to run an open Call for Papers with reviews, gather Speaker Details, run awards entry and judging process and to gather in files. Submission Flows are also known as Call for Papers, Call for Speakers, Abstract Submission, Abstract Management, Artist Submissions, Entry Submission, Nomination Management, and many other names!

Submissions - Submissions are the individual applications you receive from your Submission Flow process. These are also known as presentations, proposals, abstracts, entries.

Speakers - In Lineup Ninja, the person(s) presenting the session is called a Speaker. A Speaker can be know as a presenter, lecturer, moderator, panellist, author, co-author, presenter and host.

Sessions - Sessions are the individual talks that happen in your Conference. In your event, you may have a container session that host multiple presentations. Sessions may also be more information gatherings such as a Welcome Brunch or Networking Lunch. Sessions are also known as talks, presentations, lecture, meetings, or forums.

Review - In Lineup Ninja, a Review is a way of gathering feedback on submissions and is conducted by Reviewers. Your Reviewers may be committee members, subject matter experts, or other members of your team.

Agenda Planning - Your Agenda Planner is where you will schedule your sessions in a calendar-style board for each day. Within Agenda Planning, you will also set your locations, tracks, breaks and gaps between sessions. Think of this like a user-friendly, visually pleasing Excel Spreadsheet, that can be moved around and adjusted with ease!

Tracks - In Lineup Ninja, Tracks are a way of grouping sessions together. This may be grouped into themes, subject or topic, depending on how you organise your event.

Locations - Locations are commonly referred to as theatres, rooms, conference halls, forums, area or lecture hall.

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